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Egyptian Research and Training Center

Formulating the right survey question can be difficult, and asking it in other languages and cultures is another matter altogether. As specialists in cross-national survey research, the Egyptian Research and Training Center (ERTC) will work with you to develop and translate survey items to best address your research questions while accounting for local context and perspective and will subsequently use these measures to collect high quality survey data.

As a leading survey research center, ERTC has 15 years of experience devoted to all aspects of the survey lifecycle, including sample design, questionnaire development, focus groups and in-depth interviewing, survey data collection, and complex analyses.

Through its collaborations with scholars in North America, Europe, Japan, and other countries in the Middle East, ERTC can bridge the cultural gap between your research questions and the context of your research project.

ERTC has adopted the survey research industry’s leading qualitative and quantitative procedures and research methodologies that have contributed extensively to improved data collection techniques and the application of quality control measures.

ERTC is a member of several international professional organizations of public opinion and survey research, including as WAPOR, AAPOR and ESOMAR, and the implementations of Federal Wide Assurance standards have become an integral element in ERTC research activities.

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Unemployment rate in 2014

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