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Abdel-Hamid Abdel-Latif

Dr. Abdel-Latif graduated from Ohio State University with a Ph.D. in Sociology, having specialized in demography, research methodology, and survey research. Since 1970, he has held academic posts at several universities in the United States, Canada, and Egypt. His research interests include value orientation and intergenerational value shifts. He has collaborated on a number of surveys with prominent scholars at the University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University, Ohio State University, Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University, and the University of Maryland. He has also been retained as the Principal Investigator for Egypt in the Gallup World Polls since 2005.

Executive Team

Asmaa Ahmed Abdel-Gaffar, M.A. (Managing Director)

Ms. Abdel-Gaffer has been Managing Director at ERTC since 2010. Fifteen years of experience in survey design and data analysis has enabled her to participate in nearly all of the quantitative and qualitative research projects conducted by ERTC. Her enthusiasm and expertise have gained her considerable recognition and appreciation from ERTC clientele.

Bassam Zakaria Hanafi (Systems Analyst)

Having considerable training and education in the field of IT technology, Mr. Hanafi possesses expertise that adds to ERTC’s capabilities in the design of online questionnaires, the implementation of the CAPI and CATI technology in data collection, and the selection and application of appropriate data collection, data processing, and analyses tools such as SPSS and SNAP software.

Ahmed El-Rawy Selim (Project Coordinator)

Mr. Selim, an experienced project coordinator, advises and assists with project preparation, interviewer recruitment, budgeting, sample design, and other project logistics.

Mohamed Gad (Data Processing and Data Entry)

Mr. Gad draws from considerable experience as an ERTC field interviewer (2007-2011) to manage the data processing needs of the Center. From his position as the head of the Data Processing and Data Entry at ERTC, Mr. Gad has the responsibility for input, organization, cleaning and cataloging data, performing quality control checks, identifying fieldwork problems, and ensuring that data processing is completed on schedule.

Asmaa Ahmed Omar (Data Processing and Data Entry)

With a degree in sociology and media coupled with experience in telephone calling centers, Ms. Omar is responsible for preparing source data for computer entry by compiling and sorting information and establishing entry priorities. Having extensive knowledge of SPSS and SNAP software, and applying the most advanced quality control measures, Ms. Omar has successfully produced and delivered data sets to ERTC clientele since 2011.

Wael Mahmoud Ibrahim (Project Directors and Supervisors)

Mr. Ibrahim is a field supervisor with 18 years of experience in managing field interviewers and other quality control personnel and has demonstrated ability in interviewer training and field document development. Mr. Ibrahim also has expertise in census block listing, the selection of land marks, preparing area maps, and supervising the random route sampling strategies in the field.

Amr Shokry Mohamed (Project Directors and Supervisors)

Mr. Shokry has almost 20 years of survey experience as a field interviewer, supervisor, and manager of quality control. His experience enables him to develop the necessary interviewer training manuals.

Amr Abdelsalam Abdelkarim (Project Directors and Supervisors)

Mr. Abdelkarim has a special talent in the development of training manuals necessary for field interviewers as well as data processing and verification staff in-office. He is also instrumental in recruiting qualified interviewers and other field workers such as quality controllers and field-editors to join ERTC.


Mr. Ali Ahmed

Mr. Ali Ahmed is a sampling consultant, formerly with the Central Agency of Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS). With his long experience as the director of several population censuses and other national demographic surveys, Mr. Ahmed provides ERTC with his expertise on sampling design and enumeration related issues.

Mohamed Kader Allam

Mr. Allam joined ERTC as a consultant after more than 30 years of experience in the area of census statistics and population enumeration. He also has expertise in the areas of training, fieldwork, supervision, and project administration. These experiences contribute to ERTC in its quest to produce high quality survey data.

Nermeen Kassem, PhD.

Dr. Kassem completed her Ph.D. in communication studies at the University of York, in the United Kingdom. Her major areas of research involve communication and new media. Dr. Kassem has in-depth research experience from the University of York, the University of Massachusetts, and BBC World Services. Currently she is an Assistant Professor at Ain Shams University and has recently joined the ERTC as a consultant.

Research Associate

Lydia Safwat

With a Ph.D. from Ain Shams University, Department of Sociology and Media, Dr. Ibrahim is a qualified and effective interviewer trainer and focus group moderator. Her expertise is particularly applicable in the development of survey questionnaires and other data collection tools with regards to Internet use and social media.

Ibrahim M. Ismael, PhD.

Having a history of conducting qualitative research with international organizations working in Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries, Dr. Ismael now assists ERTC in the organization of focus groups designed to provide health information to marginalized populations. He has expertise in social marketing programs promoting medical awareness and developmental issues.
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