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Our Clients

Our Clients


Alkarma Edutainment Company, Cairo, Egypt

Harvard University, USA

Oxford University, United Kingdom

International Foundation of Electoral Systems (IFES), Washington, D.C.

Hitotsubashi University, Japan

Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology Department, Eastern Michigan University, USA

World Values Survey Association, Sweden

Department of Psychology, University of Maryland, USA

Institute of Social Research, University of Michigan, USA

Ford Foundation, Cairo, Egypt

Charney Research, New York

Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA), University of Maryland, USA

Opinion Research Business, London

The Center for Developmental Services, Cairo, Egypt

Pan Arab Research Center, Lebanon

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25.9 %
The illiteracy rate in 2013

12.9 %
Unemployment rate in 2014

per 100000 live births
The birth rate in 2014

marriage case per thousand
The marriage rate in 2014