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Our Services

Our Services

Public Opinion Surveys


Conducing political and social research for a wide range of clientele has been our primary service since ERTC’s inception in 2000.
ERTC can provide services for every aspect of the survey life cycle, including:

1-Sample design: Using the most up-to-date Census data, our in-house statisticians will design and draw a sample of respondents to meet your project’s unique target population, according to the most advanced statistical methods.
2- Questionnaire development and translation: Our team will work with you to develop and translate a survey questionnaire designed to answer your project’s research question while accounting for the country’s social context.
3- Data collection in the field: We employ a network of trained interviewers working in each of the 27 governorates in Egypt. We will provide project-specific training to interviewers and our supervisors and in-house staff will apply industry-standard data verification procedures.
4- Post-stratification weights: ERTC maintains a detailed and up-to-date demographic database for Egypt’s national population that can be used for weighting of survey data after the data collection fieldwork is complete.
5- Tabulation and statistical analysis: Our data analysts use the latest versions of SPSS to turn the raw data we collect into interpretable results, prepared to the specifications of your specific research project.

Click on our projects to see several public opinion surveys that ERTC has conducted for both local and international clients.

Market Research


ERTC sees Market Research as the venue to generate sound business decisions. By adopting the well- established methods of market research techniques, ERTC can assist its clientele to better understand markets, target markets and their needs, competitors, market trends and even customer satisfaction with products and services. Our staff is qualified to conduct both primary and secondary market research. Primary research involves original qualitative (e.g. focus groups and interviews) or quantitative survey research. Secondary research involves collecting existing information from various sources to compile a report about a new or existing product or services.

Focus Groups


ERTC has also arranged focus groups on behalf of local and international organizations. Media awareness and evaluation, advertising testing and political analyses were among the main issues our well-trained moderators took on. The focus groups were conducted in major urban centers in Egypt.
ERTC has access to meeting rooms equipped with audio-visual and digital recording to tape all discussions and prepare transcripts in both Arabic and English. Simultaneous translation is also available by professional translators from Arabic to English and English to Arabic.



ERTC can also arrange training sessions for both individual and NGOs in areas related to gender issues, environmental awareness, and political orientations. Organization of workshops to train special target groups such as young social scientists in Egypt has been initiated by ERTC. The approach is to provide young social scientists with the training in the context of theory-driven data analysis utilizing the data that have been gathered by ERTC.

Other Services

Online Survey


ERTC operates an online panel over the Egyptian public. We combine this continuous stream of data with our deep research expertise and broad industry experience, to develop the technologies and methodologies that will assist in more effective decision-making.

Survey Research Methods Certificate


Learn how to design, manage and analyze professional surveys.
Survey research is the most commonly recognized and utilized social science research methodology for studying large or small populations. Demand is growing worldwide for professionals who can influence social issues and conditions by conducting surveys, analyzing data and reporting results. Help fill the growing need and enhance your career with ERTC Survey Research Methods certificate program. If you routinely produce or use survey data, we invite you to learn more.

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